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Flower Cure is a holistic approach in alternate therapy.
Flower remedies extract the underlying root of the illness, whether physical or emotional. However strong we may be, the daily bumps of life do scatter our strength at one point or another. We may not be able to overtly identify it but symptoms such as insecurities,anxiety,colds or even a bout of gas have inflicted us all at one stage in our lives. These symptoms must be treated, but it is even more important to treat the cause.

Types of Remedies:

  • Physical
  • Emotional



Meaning ‘gentle’; as the word suggests SOHMYA is a bespoke, delicately hand crafted range of beauty essenses. Our eclectic variety of nature’s potions, for holistic anti-ageing, treating relentless black heads or deepened  pigmentation, inject the sheer freshness of nature into everyday city life. The producst are enriched with carefully obtained extracts which help defy the adverse effects of pollution to nourish the skin- from head to toe.

  • Our prooducts are made in small batches to guarantee freshness and potency.
  • Formulated with high quality ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C in combiation with the flowercure essences.



“ Flowers are a gift that nature has bestowed on us. I have been practicing flower remedies since 1990. I began with Bach flower remedies and found them effective, but many of the flowers were not available in India. In addition to that it was very expensive to procure remedies from Britain at that time. I believe every individual is tied to his or her environment much more deeply than they are aware. This convinced me to study the nature of indian flowers in depth and brought into existence INDIAN FLOWER REMEDIES.”

  Late Dr. Malti Khaitan



Medicated creams & oils for skin and hair are excellent and have cured me of my pigmentation 

Valued Customer.


Fairness Cream


I have been using the fairness cream for a week now and my skin is feeling so soft, refreshed & supple. I've always had a very dry skin and have tried various creams form all over but nothing has worked like this fairness cream. Its removed the paltriness & the scaliness.

Shalini Gupta



Cream of dark circles

Jessica Alba.


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