Our journey started in the year 1990. Dr Malti Khaitan did an extensive course on Bach flower remedies following which she started her own practice which spanned decades.  She was the first ever practitioner of Indian Flower Remedies in modern history.

Her passion was rooted in the belief that every individual was deeply tied to their environment, regardless of their own awareness towards it. This convinced her to study the remedial qualities of Indian flowers in depth.The joy and fulfillment she found in helping treat patients of a variety of ailments made her delve deeper into the subject , eventually developing an effective and natural range of 81 remedies.

A true testament to her passion was when she pursued her PHD in alternate medicine from the Indian Board of  Alternate Medicines in 2008. Her theses was titled ‘Flowers that Heal’ and contained her full range of medical flower remedies. This book describes 63 flowers with their healing powers as well as Indian Rescue remedy. This achievement was also recognised by then Hon’ble president Smt Pratibha Patil who lauded her work on revitalising this aspect of our Indian Heritage.

Here, we strive to fullfill her legacy.