*Please note that these are alternate remedies and not be used as Medicines.

  1. How do FLOWERCURE remedies work?

FlowerCure Indian Flower Remedies are made using refined herbal liquid infusions. They float their energies in the our bodies to melt the tension of the past and harmonize our energy flows. It includes both mental and physical aspects of wellness.


  1. What to expect by using FlowerCure Remedies?

Some people experience immediate changes, while in others it is a longer process. These changes can include shifts in relationships, lifestyle, and attitude towards work. These remedies are catalysts that stimulate our ability to respond or take responsibility for our growth.


  1. Are the remedies Natural?

Yes, the FLOWERCURE remedies are completely natural.


  1. How are the REMEDIES to be taken?

The remedies are to be taken orally or applied as per instructions mentioned on the bottle. They are not aromatherapy essential oils; Flowercure essences are perfectly odorless. Flowercureessences also differ from herbal extracts, and the various other natural, plant-based remedies as they contain no physical plant material. They are an energy medicine and have no biochemically active ingredients at all. Concerns that you could become sick by taking a flower essence of a poisonous plant are simply not an issue.

Please see general guidelines for remedies in FLOWERCURE (link)


  1. Are there any SIDE EFFECTS?

They have no side effects.The FLOWERCURE remedies are completely natural.


  1. Can I take FLOWERCURE along with other medication?

They can be taken along with any other on-going medication. In fact, they can complement medical treatment.


  1. When do I have to take this medication?

They can be taken at any time. They have no effect with timings of meals and have no negative interference with the body systems.


  1. Do I need a Doctor’s Prescription for these remedies?

FLOWERCURE remedies are alternate remedies and do not need a Doctor’s prescription. They can be used in conjecture with the symptoms mentioned.

*Please note that these are alternate remedies and not be used as Medicines.


  1. Are they safe for children?

Yes. FLOWERCURE remedies are 100% safe for consumption by children.


  1. What is special about SOHMYA?

SOHMYA products are made using various natural products to heal a particular part of the body or skin. SOHMYA products contain a percentage of the FLOWERCURE remedies. This is to the effectiveness of the other natural ingredients.