> What are Flower Remedies?

The human body is an organic whole. Modern medical science confirms what we Indians have always known instinctively: out body, mind and soul are intimately connected to each other and to our environment.

When the body, mind and soul are in harmony with each other and the environment, there is only joy, peace and good health. But when this balance is disturbed, it shows up as stress, illness and disease of the mind and body.

Flower remedies help cure diseases by removing stress and tensions.

Flower remedies are ideal for immediate healing in a physical, mental or emotional emergency, working as first aid.

Flower essences help uplift inner senses and regain good health.

Flower essences help regain vitality and rediscover the true joy of living.

Indian flower remedies are the essences of Indian flowers used for therapeutic purposes, to cure ailments and diseases of the body, mind and spirit.

They have many special characteristics which make them suitable for the lay person in his search for health and happiness throughout life:

  • Flower essences are natural and holistic. It is perfectly safe for anyone to self-diagnose or take a medicine based on the symptoms of their ailment . You do not need any medical training.
  • Flower remedies are safe for everyone – from newborns to the elderly to plants to pets.
  • Flower remedies have no side effects.
  • Flower remedies are an alternate therapy, and do not conflict with any other medication or treatment.
  • Flowercure products are completely natural, organically grown, prepared by hand and infused with special prayers, mantras and chants.
  • Flower essences work on the body, mind and spirit, often curing diseases which are buried deep in the body but have not yet manifested themselves.
  • There is no dietary restriction while taking flower remedies.
  • There is no restriction of specific time at which the remedies need to be taken.

Flower remedies for the body

Flower remedies for the mind

> How do flower remedies work?

All disease arises when we move away from harmony and balance.

Indian flower remedies work by melting and releasing the stress and tensions held in the various energy centres (chakras) of the body. This harmonizes energy flows in the body, restoring balance and good health.

As the stresses are removed and energy flows freely in the body, the aura expands, enhancing the body and mind’s wisdom, supporting a deeper understanding of yourself and the issues you are dealing with.

> How are flower remedies made?

Flower essences are the most subtle vibrations of different flowers, collected and preserved in pure water and alcohol.

Flowercure remedies are made personally by me. I grow the flowers in my garden, or collect them from trusted sources.

I collect the essences and preserve them in pure water or alcohol, and add to their medicinal value by the use of the appropriate prayers, mantras and chants to further boost the healing value of the remedies.

Alcohol or brandy is just an aid to preserve the flower essences and do not interfere with the remedy. They also do not interfere with the dietary / religious aspect of intake of alcohol. Just as you can be against consumption of alcohol but still take cough mixture (which contains alcohol), similarly, you can rest assured that your principles and lifestyle will not be compromised by taking Indian flower remedies.

> General Guidelines for Use

Flower remedies are available as essences, creams, sprays and infusions (teas).

Essences – Four drops of essence are added to a glass of water, and the water is sipped slowly/ OR

10 drops of essence can be added to oil or water, with a candle lit below it. In this case, the healing remedy is inhaled rather than ingested. OR

8 drops of essence can be added to a spray bottle and the spray can be used in the room where you are.

Creams and sprays are applied topically on the relevant areas according to instructions.

Teas are made by infusing the leaves in boiling water for a few minutes, and then sipping the brew.

> Popular Flower Remedies

1. Acidity


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2. Addiction


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