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Winnie SinghMaitri India
Combining the best of all medical options is the best impetus to providing the finest and quality healthcare to the patient. Maitri promotes identity, respect and dignity for all. Maitri works with ageing widows in vrindavan who are in frail health . Widows staying in MaitriGhar ashrams , in Vrindavan and Radhakund, are ailing and above the age of 60 years. They suffer from various illnesses due to old age and modern day medication is not always suitable. Adding the medicines and remedies provided by “ Indian Flower Remedies”, to their existing treatment, was a benefit. Being non-invasive and non-toxic, the medicines provide relief without any negative impact or scary side effects and most Widows reflect a visible change. Specifically, “I Rescue” and the hyper acidity and sciatica medicines to name a few not only effective but work well in providing immediate relief.Furthermore, remedies made from flowers are preferred, as taking flower essences seem to be a positive source of energy. With Best Regards, Winnie Singh Executive Director Maitri