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If You desire remedies from FLOWRCURE CLINIC then please fill up the Patient's Card which is given below:


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> How to cure yourself:

  • Read carefully the 63 questions and mark which is applicable to you.
  • Then mark 2 time those you feel is really you.
  • Now mark 3 time where you feel that these remedies are 100% for you.
  • Now check the group of those remedies then take one essence from each group.
  • Only add maximum 7 essences to one 30ml bottle.
  • If there are more than 7 essences then take another 30ml bottle add the rest of the essences in this bottle again not exceeding 7 essences, still if more essences remain make the same way the 3rd bottle.
  • If there are 21 essences then 3 bottles of 30ml will be ready, mark 1st, 2nd, 3rd for each week.
  • Now your remedy is ready to be taken. In the first week take from 1st bottle , dose 4 drops 4 times a day for a week, then keep it aside , now take from 2nd bottle for one week, then keep that aside, take from 3rd bottle for one week then start the 1st week bottle again and repeat the same way. Keep on repeating the cycle of three weeks till the remedies are over. After doing the course if you still feel that your problem is not solved then contact Flowercure Clinic numbers of which are given along with email.

> How to take the remedies:

  • 4 drops first thing in the morning after getting up
  • 4 drops at 12a.m---4drops at 5p.m • 4 drops last thing before going to bed
  • Whole day:- 8 drops in 1 litre water, drink whole day.
  • First aid kit :- 4 drops-4times in 1tsp of water or 4drops in a glass of lukewarm water sip slowly.
  • Mouth wash:- 4 drops in a glass of lukewarm water sip retain in mouth, spit, do this 3times. Drink the remaining.
  • Gargle:- Use same way as the mouth wash in hot water.
  • Nasal drops—1drop in each nostril. 1 or 2 times.
  • Cream piles:- after wash apply when you go to toilet.
  • Creams: apply morning and evening
  • Pimples: 16 drops of essence in 1tsp of raw milk and then apply, ( do not go in the sun after application)
  • Lotion to be applied where needed any time.
  • Oil for pain massage once or twice leave it for 1hr or overnight then take bath with hot water.
  • Chest oil massage and cover it in the night.
  • Hair oil massage once a week.